Privacy Policy

Effective date: September 12, 2018

Contact Details

The Fourth Dimension app is supported by Drew Olbrich, an independent software developer. The developer may be contacted at

Data Collection

The Fourth Dimension app does not collect the user's data, with the following exception: On the final screen of the app, the user is invited to voluntarily submit their email address so that they may be notified about future apps made available by the developer.

If submitted, this email address will be used for the sole purpose of notifying the user when future apps are made available by the developer. Submitted email addresses are transmitted via a secure network connection to a secure remote database.

Third Parties

The email address will not be shared with third parties, except to define a mailing list notifying users of future app releases via an as yet undetermined third party mailing list service, for example, or similar. An effort will be made to ensure that the third party mailing list service will also handle the user's email address in a secure manner.

Data Deletion

If the user wishes to remove a previously submitted email address from the database, he or she may submit a request via email to

Notification of Changes

If changes are made to this privacy policy, users will be notified with an alert the next time they launch the app.