Good quality 4D glasses are so hard to find on eBay. Click on the image thumbnail to the right to download a PDF file that explains how to make your own.

You'll need the following items, which are available through Amazon.com or from a local arts & crafts supply store, or a store that sells party supplies and extradimensional portals.

Print out the PDF file on heavier paper such as card stock. Cut out the three templates. Then cut out the eye holes.
Glue cellophane onto the inside of the glasses. Wait for the glue to dry.
Glue the side panels.
Fold the side panels.

Find a quiet, dry, south-facing room away from harsh sunlight and neutrino sources. Avoid wearing flannel or aluminum foil. Sit in a reclined position and breathe deeply.

Slowly put on the glasses. Let your eyes relax as you become aware of the fourth dimension intersecting your world.

Note how the three-dimensional walls and furniture in your room now seem amusingly simple and flat against the backdrop of the extended landscape that has unfolded before you.

As you are painfully wrenched out and away at right angles to reality by the malevolent higher-dimensional entities that have come to collect you, gaze back in horror upon what you now realize are the enslaved inhabitants of the Earth, each restrained by a caustic, glowing filament, twisting off into the ether. The planet is revealed to be merely a thin facade occluding a freakish, demonic construct that arches away into infinity. Witness humanity's cries of rage, audible only in higher dimensions, as its members toil away in the service of the unseen masters.

Remove the glasses to return to your safe everyday world and pretend that none of this exists. Enjoy your TV and coffee.